Working with Julie's Flowers of Geist, LLC

One of my business goals for the new year was that before wedding season picked up, I would work with more people in my field! That way when it comes time to photograph a wedding day, I am fully prepared and know the best way to capture some very important details from some pretty cool people.... the ones that do their craft for a living.  

Working toward that goal I met an amazing woman!  We met at a styled session planned by KCP Styled (side note: it was stunning and I highly suggest attending one if you ever have the opportunity!). Julie was not only the florist but the host as well, she opened her doors to many photographers and people she had never met and made everyone feel at home!  I fell in love with her energy and drive and knew I had to work with her again.

After a month or so I reached out and I had the opportunity to work with Julie in a few different situations and loved them all! So far, we've done a few styled sessions, she's helped set up and stood with me at a few wedding shows and she's hosted 2 of my own sessions in her amazing Fall Creek gallery right down the street in Geist!  We were prepping for our last wedding show and she was heading to set up for a totally separate one at the Wellington in Fishers. I jumped at the opportunity to help her set up flowers and photograph the process. 





Working along side and helping Julie as a florist (well something I hope resembled help) was so much fun! I needed a lot of direction as it was my first time trying my hand at being "a florist for a day". Good heavens all of the things that go into a single arrangement is absolutely incredible! 



She has shown me many things and I am so thankful for every moment and every tip. From what angle to photograph and the different sides of the arrangement to how to CORRECTLY wrap flowers if it were to come undone. Definitely one thing I am looking forward to using when wedding season hits!





Thank you so much for everything you have and continue to teach me, I am thankful for every moment!

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