The Baby Plan | Capturing the First Year

The Baby Plan

The first year of your littles life will go by in a flash of an eye, they will grow and change rapidly.



With this series we provide every detail. Every outfit is made in the studio specifically for each session and we work together to plan out every detail. All sessions of the baby plan are located in our studio in Fishers, IN.  We also provide a client closet filled with maternity dresses, nb-7t dresses and outfit accessories, and of course amazing props to make your session, yours.


The newborn session is the lengthiest session we will have together. It may take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on your little one. We will do posed portraits on the bean bag, posed portraits as a family, and then on props. 


I met my latest little baby planner, Amelia when she was just a week old!  She fit so perfectly in the little romper and bunny bonnet made just for her. She slept like a champ and went into every pose. 







For our three month session we take a lot of the images on blankets and tummy time as this stage is a little tricky to capture. It may take a bit longer than the 6 or 9 month session. 


When the little one was back in the studio for her three month session I couldn't believe how much she had changed! She was so awake, alert, extremely active, and happy (as long as we were not doing tummy time).








The Baby Plan at 6 months is a fun one. They are all smiles, and for the most part sitting unassisted. We will have a little bit of play time while we get into our outfits so the little ones warm up to me and are ready to be captured!  


Amelia at 6 months was just a doll, look at her. She was happy and sitting unassisted with a new view of the world and was so interested in my camera. AND we were able to capture her new smile!  Look close and you can see her first two baby teeth! 





Wooo, 9 months!! For this session we do a special messy portrait just for the baby planners! Everything is provided and we will send home a sweet, non-messy baby.


This time Amelia was joined by her brother and partner in crime. Mom put together some mashed avocados for her messy treat. However getting her to sit still for it was quite a challenge.






12 months! The cake smash session is one of the hardest sessions for me to do, as watching a little one grow over a year is amazing and emotional! I enjoyed capturing their growing personalities but I know I will miss getting to see them so often! But its not goodbye, every baby plan includes a family mini session in year two. 


Little Amelia had a confetti cake smash planned out. We had confetti filled balloons, confetti falling from the sky and a confetti cake! I mean seriously how much cuter can it get?! 




Its been an amazing year capturing and documenting each beautiful stage, Amelia. I will see you in year 2! 


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