Indianapolis Studio

Moving my studio from Chicago to Indianapolis, as most of you know, was very sudden and unexpected. My husband, Joe, was about to retire from the military and we were presented with an opportunity to move closer to his kiddos, Charlie and Rhianna. Every other weekend they had been making a 4 hour drive to come up to be with us and it was just unrealistic to expect that much from the kids. So, we decided to list the house and see what happened. With less than a hand full of showings, it wasn’t looking possible but then an offer appeared and off we were. We had hiccups along the way including a fun hotel stay with 5 kids, and movers missing 1/3 of our belongings (total nightmare!) We were able to make the most of it and had an amazing relator holding our hand the whole way, listening to every dream and turning it into a reality. Seriously, Kyle Dickson was amazing. He had us on FaceTime, showing us the house and I knew that was it. It had enough rooms for every kiddo to grow into and even better, a perfect studio space in the front. We were able to get into the house at the end of summer and the kiddos jumped into school right away.

After all of the unpacking and tracking down the other 1/3 of our missing belongings (including all of our beds and everything in the kitchen) it was time to set up shop.



The floor boards were ordered and Joe, again, did the flooring for the studio! The backdrops were hung and everything installed and organized. Finally the studio was ready! I was so excited to have a newborn boy come visit the studio to help me do a behind the scenes video as we opened. Just by chance I met the amazing Emma Manion earlier that week and everything fell into place. Being my first professional video, she was so perfect at walking me through what I needed to do to accomplish the final product.





So here it is! The video that means so much to me; a new start for my business. I am so excited to be taking on new clients in the Indianapolis area but don't worry North Chicago friends; I will be back up many times this year to see and capture all of you!



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